our process

Every project is unique. Delivering exceptional results requires a deep engagement with the client – there is no ‘one size fits all’. While not every phase of this process will be deployed with every client or on every project, the process outlined below gives an overview of the typical process phases. Projects requiring brand identity, or video production, or web / digital design or exhibition design all take different paths and require specific process plans. What follows is an outline.

  • 1. brief
    All projects begin with a detailed brief – usually generated in collaboration with the client. The briefing process becomes simpler the longer we work with a client, and the more familiar we become with each other. During this phase, we establish project parameters and expected outcomes.
  • 2. research
    Insights about the client and its brands, products or services are gathered and analyzed. We set out to discover what motivates the company, and how that gives the brand its direction. Then we analyze the audience – customers and stakeholders – until we have everything we need to develop a winning strategy.
  • 3. strategy
    Working with the client, we develop a strategy to transform how the organization is perceived (if the project relates to corporate brand identity) or how it grows its brand (if the project relates to a specific brand) or what are the steps to the desired outcome from the specific project.
  • 4. alignment
    If a project is to succeed, it must gain the confidence and support of internal stakeholders. In this phase, we cultivate the necessary buy-in to allow these internal audiences to become brand ambassadors.
  • 5. ideas
    By now, we have collected and assimilated all of the relevant information and can begin creating the first visualizations of potential solutions. Discussion then centers on choosing the best direction in which to proceed.
  • 6. design
    Seeing is believing. We take the most promising ideas and transform them into visual experiences, then present them to the client for feedback.
  • 7. development
    Acting on the client’s feedback, we refine the design solution, continuing this process until we arrive at a point where the client is happy to sign off knowing the proposed solution will deliver the required outcome.
  • 8. production
    Life is breathed into the solution. Open communication is maintained with the client throughout the production phase, as each round of mock-ups and proofs is delivered and proofed. Production files are created and third parties engaged, briefed and carefully directed.
  • 9. delivery
    Following approval from stakeholders, the project is completed and presented to the client within the agreed timeframe.
  • 10. review
    Upon completion, we carry out a thorough analysis of the project’s results and the insights gained from it. At Wonder Works, we take pride in contributing to the growth and enduring success of all of our clients.