Bon Vivant Fine Dining

Bon Vivant Fine Dining

Take a journey to the good life
Tallink Group & Silja Line
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Bon Vivant is a place for the culinary adventurous ready to discover exciting new Nordic flavours with a twist and explore special seasonal menus while sailing across the Baltic Sea with Silja Line.

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The brand name Bon Vivant means the good life because Silja Line believes the good life is worth searching for and going on an adventure to discover. In 2018, Wonder Works rebranded Silja Line’s onboard fine dining restaurant to better reflect this brand mission and embody the spirit of the good life.

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A New Fine Dining Brand

The new brand symbol and inspiration for the visual identity is a compass needle. The compass needle represents Bon Vivant’s brand story and message; take a journey to the good life.

The brand symbol is incorporated into the Bon Vivant custom logo type as the dot on the letter ‘i’ and is also used as a graphic device in brand applications.

The compass is pointing north to indicate that this is a Nordic restaurant and within the compass needle, the circle represents a secret pearl – something hidden and precious waiting to be discovered.

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