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The University of Glasgow, one of the U.K’s premier educational institutes, established in 1451 and ranked in the World’s Top 100 Universities, tasked us with the branding of Co.Lab, a campus space for cross-discipline collaboration. The branding needed to fit within the existing University of Glasgow ecosystem but also stand out and attract positive public attention to the new project. The brief stipulated that the Co.Lab brand must appeal to a broad demographic, across a variety of age-groups and academic backgrounds, that it must be playful, creative, noticeable and interesting.

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Our design solution communicates the value of Co.Lab as a playground for creative interactions, collaborations and explorations. The visual identity is bright and dynamic, encouraging students, artists, engineers, designers, psychologists, musicians and others to learn, experiment, create and enjoy. We used playful geometric shapes as abstract letter forms, allowing us to craft a flexible identity that could be used by the client in a wide range of applications, in both print and digital media.

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In addition to the brand identity, booklets, signage and other promotional materials created as part of the launch campaign for Co.Lab, large 3D branded cubes wereplaced around the University campus. These cubes were an eye-catching way of sparking interest in the new space, as well as an embodiment of the Co.Lab’s playful spirit.

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“Wonder Works has been creative, innovative and produced really intelligent responses to our project briefs. It has been a real pleasure to work with them. The only difficulty is selecting just one of their amazing design concepts for each project.”

Heather Lambie, University of Glasgow

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