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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is Ireland’s national statistical office, responsible for the impartial collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of all statistical information relating to Ireland’s people, society and economy. The CSO identity was approximately 20 years old when, during an internal review of the organisation’s brand identity and communications material, CSO concluded that this was an area that required a comprehensive expert review. We were engaged to carry out this significant project.

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The challenge was to create a strong, modern, creative identity for use across a wide range of communications collateral. The new brand communicates to the Irish public that CSO is a highly professional, modern organisation, staffed and equipped with the experts and resources necessary to deliver on their obligations and is the trusted authority for Ireland's statistical information. We fused the graphic elements of a percentage symbol, the initials CSO and a Celtic knot to create the new logo mark. The percentage symbol naturally represents the organisation’s purpose while the Celtic knot represents CSO’s commitment to serve as the safe guardians of Ireland’s statistical memory.

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Having designed the new CSO logo, we produced an extensive range of collateral to support the new brand identity and an extensive brand guidelines document was created to support its proper use into the future. We worked closely with the CSO internal design and communications teams mentoring them on implementing their new brand following its launch, and we supplied multiple templates for brand applications and numerous brand assets to ensure long-term consistency.

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