IT Sligo Prospectus

IT Sligo Prospectus

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Institute Technology Sligo
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IT Sligo has developed a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading third level institutions since it opened in 1970 and is ambitiously working towards re-designation as a Technological University. We have worked closely with IT Sligo and have helped guide their brand positioning and strategy.

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The IT Sligo Prospectus is a large 180 page document that tells the story of student life on campus. A custom size was used for the document. The prospectus is smaller than A4 size and offers a more comfortable reading experience. Colour coding was also used to differentiate between the three schools within the institute and help guide prospective students as they navigate through the document. The substantial library of images that we built will be used by IT Sligo over the coming years in a number of applications.

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Although for many, a geographic position on the Atlantic coast might seem like an impediment to attracting student numbers – ITSligo have made it a positive, unique feature of their brand, creating ‘stand out’ in the crowded marketplace of third level education. The single most important component of their student recruitment collateral (in print) is the annual Prospectus. Wonder Works has worked closely with ITSligo over several years to position the institution as a unique choice for those wishing to accomplish their academic objectives and create exciting futures in a unique social and cultural playground.

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We worked with IT Sligo to communicate its academic strength and relevance while also identifying and promoting its most attractive and unique features, emphasizing its wonderful location. With a campus on the West Coast of Ireland, along the Wild Atlantic Way, IT Sligo offers an affordable, aspirational and adventurous lifestyle for school-leavers looking for more than a third-level education. We shared this idea through the theme of ‘here’ – students can start here, explore here and grow here. We paired these messages, written in hand-drawn typography, throughout the prospectus accompanied by beautiful and inspirational landscape photography, featuring students enjoying all of unique outdoor activities and personal experiences that Sligo and the IT have to offer.

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Wonder Works has partnered and supported IT Sligo’s major visual identity transformation – moving from a generic academic approach to a fresh, dynamic and youthful image. Their support, guidance and leadership instilled confidence over the course of this bold move.

Niall McEvoy, Head of Innovation, IT Sligo

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