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National Gallery of Ireland

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National Gallery of Ireland
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The National Gallery of Ireland was established in 1854. Its mission is to care for, interpret, develop and showcase art in a way that makes the Gallery an exciting place to encounter art. It provides an outstanding experience that inspires an interest in and appreciation for art among its many visitors. We began working with the Gallery in 2018, having been given the task of overseeing its general brand communications.

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In June 2017, the National Gallery of Ireland reopened its historic wings to the public following a major refurbishment. We worked with the National Gallery of Ireland on improving and adding to their new wayfinding and information system. This has included changes and improvements to their existing maps and developing graphic templates for digital signage across the building.

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Our work for the Gallery is multi-faceted, with a wide portfolio including logo and exhibition design, digital advertising and numerous print materials. Our solutions complement existing designs where necessary, ensuring that the new visuals sit well within the overall brand identity.

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We have successfully added to the National Gallery’s brand, producing a substantial body of print and digital material to support various exhibitions. We are proud to have contributed to the Gallery’s important work in preserving and promoting the very best of Irish art.

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