TII Luas Anti Social Behaviour Campaign

TII Luas Anti Social Behaviour Campaign

Anti-Social Behaviour Campaign
TII Luas
Our work:
Posters at Luas stops and on Luas columns Window Decal
 Social media posts and videos
This campaign was launched in June 2023 and into ran into 2024. It was be seen on the Luas trams as well as Luas stops and social media pages. This information campaign encourages Luas passengers to report instances of anti-social behaviour through three channels: the Luas app, Whatsapp, and text messages.

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The campaign aligns with the Luas brand by incorporating its colours and typeface in both English and Irish. Utilizing iconography for enhanced communication and vibrant colors for visibility on Luas trams, the campaign has proven successful, resulting in a notable increase in reports of anti-social behaviour.

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