Transport for Ireland

Transport for Ireland

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National Transport Authority
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Transport for Ireland is the single public transport brand established by the National Transport Authority to promote and integrate public transport services in Ireland. 266 million passenger journeys were provided by public transport services in 2018. The customer and stakeholder audience includes a significant proportion of the Irish population and a considerable number of visitors to Ireland. Wonder Works managed a detailed process of careful brand research, strategy analysis and development, brand development, creative design and resource production.

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The brand guidelines for TFI have developed and evolved throughout a lengthy branding process. The guidelines are comprehensive, spanning a wide variety of media – from digital, to print, to ticketing and maps, way finding, and screen. There is a strong rationale behind all of the design considerations, diligent research and international best practice inform all of the choices wonder works has made in putting together what is a highly practical, functional, compelling and effective brand.

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An important part of the branding process was the document ‘Getting There Together’. The principal author was Wonder Works founder Garrett Stokes and collaborators from the highest level of transport expertise worldwide. Stakeholder meetings and negotiations, drafts of the document and draft guidelines were produced, while Wonder Works’ creative team continued to manage the National Transport Authorities communications requirements.

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