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Wonder Works was appointed to the University of Glasgow’s prestigious and highly sought after ‘Strategic and High Level Strategic and Creative support’ framework. This is a three-year, three-party contract, which we share with two of the UK’s leading design agencies.

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Over the three years of the contract, Wonder Works has established itself as the agency with the most creative approach, and the most dependable understanding of a set of brand guidelines that are highly restrictive. As part of our approach, we appointed our own ‘brand guardian’. This allowed us to present creative and innovative design (which is essential for the University’s audiences) while maintaining a consistent brand message.

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Alumni Engagement

Wonder Works were regularly used as the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and we created some of the most creative and innovate concepts for University of Glasgow. Indeed, throughout the life of the contract, we pushed the brand in new directions and were the driving force in its evolution from staid corporate brand into a brand that could communicate in a dynamic manner to a diverse audience. In essence, this is a brand that solidly represents the mission and values of the University and presents a united, cohesive front, while being adjustable enough in its application to communicate meaningfully to specific audiences.

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